Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting products?
A: We sell through distributors only. To find out your nearest distributor location please email us at and include your zip code.

Q: Do ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting products meet UL standards?
A: Yes, most ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting products are ETL listed with a UL rating.

Q: I am installing some ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting fixtures and I noticed there is a secondary wire lead, what am I supposed to do with it?
A: Most in-ground fixtures made by ALLIANCE come with a double lead. The double lead is designed to wire your LED fixtures in series. You use it by connecting the 25’ wire lead from the next fixture to the 18” lead. If you choose not to use one of the wire leads you can just cut it off or bury it in the ground for future use.

Q: How do I hook up my fixtures to my transformer? Which terminals am I supposed to use?
A: Each transformer has a common tap and a voltage tap, or multiple commons and multiple voltage taps. When installing the wire into the transformer you will need to separate the two strands of each wire and insert one strand into a common and the other strand into the voltage tap. Higher voltage taps are designed to provide more voltage for longer wire runs or wire runs with more load on them. Most LED systems will be fine using any voltage tap. Halogen systems will need to be calibrated so that each fixture received between 10.8 and 12 volts.

Q: I have a halogen system; how do I upgrade to an ALLIANCE LED system?
A: ALLIANCE provides drop-in lamps for almost every existing low-voltage halogen system. To switch to LED you simply need to replace your halogen lamps with an ALLIANCE LED counterpart. LED lamps can be purchased at your nearest distributor location.

Q: How do I know which products I should use for my project?
A: Contact us. We will put you in touch with one of our experts who will discuss the best options for your project with you.

Q: Does ALLIANCE make any other finish besides aged brass?
A: No, all ALLIANCE fixtures have an aged brass finish.

Q: What is the return under warranty process?
A: All warranties are done through our distributor locations. Please check our warranty section of our website to see what is covered under our warranty. If you need help finding a distributor location near you, please email us at and be sure to include your zip code.

Q: How do I obtain replacement parts?
A: Some of our fixtures do have replacement parts available for purchase. All of those purchases would be done through your local distributor. If you need help finding a distributor location near you, please email us at and be sure to include your zip code and a photo or description of the part you are looking for.

Q: How do I become a distributor of ALLIANCE Outdoor Lighting products?
A: Please email us at and be sure to include your zip code and we will put you in contact with your local sales rep to discuss your eligibility.