Let Your Homeowners Take Control!


itimerPRO + XF Transformer in One Box
Because Homeowners Want App-Based Lighting Control

Today’s customers want more convenience. Give them an app-based control, not an old-fashioned timer or temperamental photocell. itimerPRO makes it easy to offer a full suite of digital features. Now you can order it packed with our XF transformer.

itimerPRO also can upgrade existing transformers too, even other brands.

Go ahead - help your customers enjoy their lighting even more!


itimerPRO Control

  • Convenient, app-based programming and control of lighting
  • Set, change & view schedules, and activate lights remotely on mobile device
  • Automatic astronomic (sunrise/ sunset) adjustment (no photocell needed)
  • No need to access customer's WiFi
  • Outstanding range from external antenna, use indoors
  • Upgrade without replacing entire transformer
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XF Transformer

  • Available in 150w, 300w, 600w options
  • Proven contractor-friendly design
  • Rugged stainless steel case
  • Multi-tap voltage options with slanted terminals & easy wire lugs
  • Convenient on-off breaker switch
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Available at Alliance Distributors:
XF PRO Transformer Packs


Convenient Package = Nothing to Forget!

XF 150 PRO | 150w Transformer + itimerPRO
XF 300 PRO | 300w Transformer + itimerPRO
XF 600 PRO | 600w Transformer + itimerPRO